The Benefits Of Clean Window Blinds & Shades

Ultrasonic Ceaning:
The Benefits Of Clean Window Blinds & Shades

Cleaner!  Fresher!  Healthier!

Clean window blinds & shades will freshen the look of any room décor––and more importantly, are free of the allergens and bacteria that may negatively impact your family’s daily health.  

Regular dusting or wiping of your blinds and shades is important to control buildup of unsightly and potentially unhealthy particles. Incorporating a few minutes each week to do this during housecleaning, is a prudent routine.  However, when oily vapour from cooking (grime), and moisture from humidity or the conduction of hot and cold through your window panes, adhere dust and contaminants to window frames and the many surfaces of blinds and shades, it will require a washing process to return them to their original condition.  Window blind washing can be a difficult, tedious and often frustrating task, producing spotty results and/or damage to fragile blades and the pristine surfaces of tubs and shower enclosures.  Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning is a welcome and affordable alternative with service options that will satisfy any household budget.

To transform your home into a wholesome environment, don’t limit your focus to the removal of old carpeting and the application of professional duct cleaning. Help insure your family’s good health and comfort by removing traces of nicotine, soot, grease, pet hair, animal and human exfoliates and organic micro-particles from the hundreds of surfaces that make up your window blinds and shades.  Destroy bacteria and eliminate pollen, dust and other allergens that can prolong Allergy Season and all of its uncomfortable symptoms.

Real Estate Agents and Home Sellers (working to stage their property in the most favourable light) and Home Buyers (cleansing their new, used home purchase of the previous owner’s dirt and exfoliates), will appreciate Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning as the cost-effective solution to replacing dirty and weathered blinds.

The time, money and effort spent, on achieving superior interior design results––the splendour of beautifully-ensconced living areas and clean, contemporary family rooms, is lost, if they showcase a remarkable view through the distracting dust and grime of poorly kempt window blinds.  Plain and simple, Professional Ultrasonic Cleaning can improve your view and your life!

Regular maintenance of your window blinds and shades will benefit and compliment your living style.




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